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Power Mattress 72x70x4 inches





  1. Support Type: High Density Foam
  2. Comfort Layer: Super Soft Foam
  3. Fabric Type: Roto Gold Fabric
  4. Mattress Features: Dual Comfort Mattress, Europedic Mattress, Reversible Mattress, Sag Resistant Mattress
  5. Warranty: 2 Years




One of our bestselling mattress. Power Mattress has 2 Layers consisting High Density Foam Sheet and supersoft foam. High quality 10 mm quilted covering with Roto Gold Fabric. Mattress cover is highly recommended to keep the mattress clean on a long run. The Mattress is non-washable. Please use clean and soft cloth to clean the surface of the Mattress. Please keep rotating the mattress every 6 months.

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4.5 stars

Upto 15 Years Warranty

Serving Across India

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