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Dr. Ortho Mattress 72x70x5 inch




  1. Support Type: 150 Density Latex Bonded Sheet
  2. Mattress Features: Dual Comfort Mattress, Europedic Mattress, Reversible Mattress, Sag Resistant Mattress
  3. Fabric Type: 240 GSM Knitted Fabric
  4. Warranty: 10 Years




One of our bestselling mattress. Dr. Ortho Mattress has Single Layer consisting of 150 Density Latex Bonded Sheet. High quality 14 mm quilted covering with 240 GSM Knitted Fabric. Mattress cover is highly recommended to keep the mattress clean on a long run. The Mattress is non-washable. Please use clean and soft cloth to clean the surface of the Mattress. Please keep rotating the mattress every 6 months.

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4.5 stars

Upto 15 Years Warranty

Serving Across India

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